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Final Fantasy XI – 360

What? I thought the days of really horrible setup programs where gone! Yes the product is in ‘beta’ but no 360 owner should have to go through this sort of pain to get a game running, after all Live works so well, why must PlayOnline get in the way?

Even after you have gone through the registration pain of PlayOnline it takes 50 minutes for it to install the actual game!

Square Enix REALLY have to sort this all out before release or people will not buy it, we have unfortunatly got used to Live.


So then, the last time I wrote about what TV to get, I was set on a Panasonic Plasma of either 37 or 42 inches.

Well the wife had a think, and said no, 37 is too big, my mistake? I took her to the local Panasonic dealer and setup a side by side viewing of the 37 and the 42, hoping I could stear her in the 42″ area; what a mistake, after seeing 37″ in the flesh I was told it was too big for the room, Damn! Well it sort of made my decision I have bought and take collection shortly of a very fine Panasonic TX32LXD52 LCD screen.

LCD, yes I know Plasma is ‘better’ as the blacks are better defined and they are 42″ but hey, I was told 32″ so that is what I have bought.†It has HDMI input, the same panel as the Panasonic TX32LXD500 and for £1000 it’s not badly priced.

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