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XBox Live

Just thought I would warn people. XBox Live is up and down like a jack-in-the-box at the moment as Microsoft are doing updates to both Live and the XBox.com site.

The updates went out yesterday in the States, and it looks like they are happening over here in Europe now.

So if you loose Live, then you know why. On a side note, you can't use the Media Centre Extender if your not signed in, bummer! Luckily I got logged in, and am now watching The Unit season 2 episode 5, and have just watched episode 5 of Heroes, which is just getting weirder by the episode!

Playstation Wii

Oh dear. Sony have announced that it wants to concentrate on a Japanese and American launch for the Playstation 3 this year. Making them look quite silly in light of the “we can do a worldwide launch better than Microsoft” comments it made at the Xbox 360 launch .

It doesn’t even sound like Sony Japan have kept their UK colleagues terribly well informed, given that UK boss Ray Maguire has stated he’s “extremely disappointed” that their new Uber console won’t arrive in PAL (Europe, Africa, Audtralia, Middle East and Far East) territories this year.

So where does this leave Sony? Well, besides the egg on the face for not being able to match the Xbox 360 launch, let alone bettering it – and remember that this was a launch that they have very publicly Continue reading Playstation Wii

XBox 360 Hack

It's been doing the rounds for a while now, so I thought I would comment. The 360 hack is not an XBox style hack that you would be used to if you chipped your Xbox 1. However if you come from the world of Playstation then this will be nothing new.

The hack essentially allows you to play backups on the device (as long as you burn them with the bitset set correctly). This involves changing the firmware on the TS-H943 drive in some Xbox 360's (others have an LG drive).

If you want to give it a go then I highly recommend you check out the forums at Xbox-Scene as they have all the lowdown, but here are some of the guides to get you started, Mod firmware and dual chipping the drive.