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Spare Change

Has someone got a few quid that I could borrow? It’s just I fancy ordering something off eBay, and don’t think that my Paypal account will stretch to the price.

If you fancy helping out, This is what I want to buy. If you lend me the 1Million quid, I’ll pay it back over the next 100 years, and will even let you have a go.


p.s. Joke people, but if you can donate me a million quid, then hey go for it!

Bugatti to loose Thomas Bscher

Word in the press has it that the charismatic Thomas Bscher has tendered his resignation as the head of Bugatti. Thomas Bscher joined the VAG Group in 2003 to head the EB16.4 Veyron project as it had fallen into issues under it’s previous leader.

It is said that Thomas Bscher like others in the group has fallen out with the current VW head Martin Winterkorn. It’s believed that he wanted funds to create a second Bugatti car, one that would probably replace the current ageing Bugatti range.

It seems that the current VW boards sympathy to Porsche could be the key issue inside the upper management at the group. VW and Porsche have always had a tie with each other, but rumor has it that the Porsche family are looking to control more of the VW board, and I’m personally not sure if that is a good or bad thing. After all who needs another Caymen/Toureg?

More fast cars

272mphveyron9ab.jpgJust when you thought it was safe to come out of the closet, and ping the tail on the fastest supercar, Bugatti come along and ruin your thinking.

What do I hear you say? the 987Bhp (1001PS) 250MPH Bugatti Veyron is just too slow! well then please say hello to the Veyron GT! The 'standard' car can do 0-100-0Mph in 9.9sec (faster than a GSXR1000) so what will this monster do?

The GT has 1232Bhp (1250PS) and taps out at 272Mph (438 KPH). A Targa version of the car has also been announced, the T Tops will however need to be left at home as there is no space on-board for them. Bugatti will have a clever slide out fabric however that will keep the car dry if you are caught out. The system is being developed by Webasto who are the company behind the VW Eos folding roof.