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Wiring up the Media Server

Right, so we have setup our media server, so we now need to wire it all together, so the system downloads what it needs, when it needs to.

So let’s get to it. First decisions, where are we going to store our media, remember video takes up significant space. I’m going to be storing it locally, but obviously if you are storing on a network location it needs to be mounted in the Linux partition. Easiest way to do that is probably through the Linux file manager, but with so many options when it comes to storage, for this demonstration we will take the simplest option.

1I recommend splitting how you store the media up now, as will make it simpler going forward, I’ve created a TV and a Movies folder , but if you have kids and music and pictures then you may want to add these areas too. Get it organised now how you want though, as it’s easier now without having to deal with huge amounts of content.

2Now lets set the Plex Libraries up, this is done by going to and clicking the + sign on the left next to your media server name. Simply select the right media type and point it at the location the media will live.

3Now we need to configure the server to connect to the Plex service, so click the Config Icon (Spanner/Screwdriver at the top right) and select the Server area, then Make sure the Friendly name is as you want it, and click the Connect section, login with your Plex username (If you don’t have one, set one up), and with that, the basics of Plex server are done.


Next up is SabNzbd. This is the actual news server download engine, the bit that does the work so to say. Goto and click on the Config item.

Click on General, and create a username and password and click save, obviously login when it asks you to. Click the Folders item, and lets setup where things go. As a general rule the Downloads/incomplete and Downloads/complete folders are fine, but if you want to place them elsewhere then here’s where to change the locations, we also need to point the Post Processing script folder, so type in /home/username/.sickbeard/autoProcessTV

4Click the Servers option, then we need to setup our News Server (if you haven’t already) I use AstraWeb for my news service, and can highly recommend them, so if you don’t already have a news server account then hop over and get one. The details I’ll be showing here are Astraweb‘s, but obviously replace with yours. See the image to the right for the AstraWeb settings, I use the SSL server for all my connections, just to be safe.

Next we need to create some categories for our downloads, so click the categories option, and we need to create a Movies one and set a path for it, I’m putting it in Downloads/incomplete/Movies click save, then add a new one TV and point it at Downloads/incomplete/TV and in the Script option, select SabToSickbeard.py and click save.

That should pretty much sort out SabNzbd for now, next onto


Bring up and click Config/General, untick the Launch Browser, and put a username and password in the Web Interface area and click save, tick the enable API box, then generate, and click save.

Next click Search Settings at the top, and change the NZB Method to SABnzbd and in the URL field put http://localhost:8080/ put your username and password in and then get the API Key from the Config/General area of SABNzbd and click test, then Save.

In Search providers you can add any other NZB sites you may be a member of, but for now leave it as it is.

Post processing is where we get the shows organised after they are downloaded, and all the Meta Data setup for them, so in the TV Download Folder we need the full path the the download location, in our case /home/user/Downloads/complete browse for 5it if your not 100% sure, untick the Keep original box if ticked. The naming logic is upto your personal preference, but how it is out of the box will probably suite. And finally in this section, Metadata type needs to be set to MediaBrowser, and make sure you select the data you want downloaded (screenshot of my config attached)

Notifications we will leave alone for now, you can however research this section later if desired.


Let’s get CouchPotato set up now, so bring up in your browser and click the cog in the top right then settings.

Click the Searcher option, select the First Search to be usenet, and select NZBClub and BinSearch. I recommend signing up on a Newznab host, I use www.oznzb.com but the others mentioned are just as good, use whichever suits yourself. Click categories sub area and make sure in the ignored section you have NL, nl, GERM, DK, FR, germ, dk, fr, ger, dut, german, dutch, french, truefrench, danish, swedish, spanish, italian, korean, dubbed, swesub, korsub, dksubs, vain, 3D 6as this will stop a lot of the ‘spam’ getting through, add more if you notice a type of movie getting through you don’t want. Click qualities and Create one that suits yourself, I have a quality setup as the picture to the right shows. You can also add R5/Screener etc if you want to.

Click the Downloaders menu option, select Sabnzbd and make sure the host is localhost:8080 The API key is the one from the general page in the SAB config area, and Category is movies, click test and make sure it says everything is all good.

Click Renamer, this is where the completed movies get moved to the right place, and labeled etc. So click all 3 boxes to enable the options, then in the To field click  the folder icon and select the Movies folder where completed films need to go to be seen by Plex (the same folder we set up in the Plex library earlier). Tick the UNRar and cleanup options, then the From icon and select the Movies folder we selected in the SABNzbd category earlier, type en  into the language for subtitles, and select a quality for the trailer (if you want it). Click the Metatdata sub menu, and select XBMC.

Next click the Manage menu option on the Left, and point this to the completed movie folder (the directory Plex is watching), if you want movies automatically added, you can click the Automation option, and get it to add movies based on taste etc from IMDB, Trakt etc.

That should be about it. Time to test something out.


Click the magnifying glass at the top of the window, and search for a movie.


As you can see, I’ve searched for an Open Source movie call Big Buck Bunny, but whatever you want to find is OK. Click the Add button, then click Home at the top, and the movie. Check that it’s been found, and that Sabnzbd is downloading it, next goto the Sick Beard interface, select Add Shows, then search for a show, click the one you want from the search results and select next, then click new and create a TV location, this is the same location that Plex is looking at for it’s TV Content. Click next and set the quality etc. After you click add, it should start downloading the TV.

Enjoy your automated TV and Movies.

Automating TV downloads

Or as I like to think of it… Saving me time (or hell I’m too lazy to do that every day)

The idea is that we have our media box watch for new episodes of out favourite shows and automatically download them, process them and get the meta data, saving us time, hassle, and… well just that.

What we need :

Start with setting up your Astraweb account, click on through and sign up. Basic package is just fine, but if your downloading lots of shows then you might need a bigger one.


Download the windows installer for Sabnzbd and install it, go with defaults if they are OK, if not change em.

Once all installed etc, run Sabnzbd and it will open the default browser at http://localhost:8080 and should look a little like below.


Click the Config button, and then Servers and configure the server and press Test, then save if all looks well.


Click Folders on the Left, and configure those. I use D:\Downloads\* for the temporary location of things, you can put it wherever you like, but I would use somewhere you can remember easily, else it’s inside the install folder for the App (Program Files\*). The main one to remember is where the script folder is, as we will be using that. Also make a note of the Scripts folder, you will need it later.

The only other thing I would recommend, is unticking the Launch browser box on the Switches page, as we are going to set this up to autorun.


OK, for now let’s leave that there, we do need to do some more stuff, but need the other stuff setup first.

Goto the General config page, and make a copy of the API Key, we need it in a bit.

Sick Beard

Right, there’s no installer for Sick Beard, so just unpack it to wherever you want (utils\sickbeard in my case), and run it.

That should then launch the page http://localhost:8081


Copy the contents of the scripts\autoprocesstv to the scripts folder that you configured earlier in Sabnzbd (so d:\downloads\scripts in my case). Rename the “autoProcessTV.cfg.sample” file to “autoProcessTV.cfg”

Pop into Config, untick the Launch Browser box, click the search settings option and fill in the Sabnzbd API key (this is found in the General config tab in Sabnzbd)


Click the Post Processing option, then make sure the TV Download Dir points to the temporary folder that you setup in Sabnzbd (so D:\downloads\complete in my case), untick Keep original files and make sure Rename files is ticked.

We then need to sort metadata, i use the following setup


and now the TV naming, again I use this but feel free to make your own up


UPDATE- Thanks to Simon (BinaryJam.com) for the heads up on this missing section.

Goto config, search providers and make sure Womble and SickBeard are enabled, you can also add http://nzbindex.nl/ and https://nzb.su/ to the list if you would like.


Finish it off and get it working

Right, let’s hook the scripts together now…

Go back to Sabnzbd, and select Config, sorting, and make sure nothing is ticked. Now select the Categories area and in the script click down and select sabToSickBeard.exe (if this option is not available you have not copied the files into the script folder we setup earlier)

This is the bit that does the move/rename magic.

Back over to Sick Beard, click Home, Add Show. If you are like me and already have a catalogue of stuff, then click Add Existing, add the folder and walk through the wizard for it, and all your shows will get imported, and setup (if you changed the naming convention then go through each show after it’s finished and press the rename episodes button on them all)

Otherwise you can search for a show, and add it and it will get scheduled to be downloaded for you.

Last things to do, in SickBeard goto Config, notifications, and setup your twitter info and press the Test button. Save that, and goto the location of SickBeard on disk, and open the config.ini file, and edit the twitter section

use_twitter = 1
twitter_notify_onsnatch = 1
twitter_notify_ondownload = 1
twitter_username = Whatever
twitter_password = Whatever
twitter_prefix = D YourTwitterName : Sick Beard :


Click the little Spanner menu option, and Restart, then click Coming Episodes and see if it looks right.

If your happy everything is working, then add shortcuts to the startup folder of the machine (or via the registry)


That’s about it! not too taxing!

I think that’s it, however feel free to point my mistakes out and I’ll update this to be correct, after all I did do all this at 3am!

Update – For movie lovers, we can do a similar thing with CouchPotato

All we need to do (because we have most of our setup done) is the following.

Download the windows client from the CouchPotato site, unpack it to a folder that’s sensible and run the EXE.

This should fire up the CouchPotato interface in the default browser. Let’s go configure it.

Click the Cog, then General, I’ve set the port to 8082, so it’s in line with what we have already used with the other apps. You can also change the search time here if you want it to search more than once a day. I would also untick the Launch Browser option. Click Save at the bottom.

Next we need to configure the downloader, here we will use Sabnzbd, seems daft to use anything else seems as we are already using it. Make sure Hostname is set, the Apikey is OK, and create a category (movies here) and click save

Set up your Providers, this is similar to the settings we used on SickBeard, I used NZBMatrix, NZBsRus, #alt.binaries.hdtv.x264@EFnet and MysterBin. But if you have accounts with Newzbin etc then use those as well. Click save after setting it up.

Quality allows you to choose what files you want. This is completely upto you, obviously 1080p downloads will use lot’s of space. Click save after your changes.

Renaming next, here we get the post processing done. I’ve got my download folder set to downloads\movies and to then move to my Downloaded movies folder. I’ve just created the movies folder in the same ‘temporary’ area as the TV stuff. Anyhow, make a note of what paths you use as we will need them in a moment. Folder naming is upto you, but the default works just fine in my case (MovieName (year)). Select the clean-up box, and the enable box and click save.


As for the rest of the configuration (notifications etc) you can configure as you see fit.

Off into Sabnzbd then configuration, categories. Create a new category called movies with no scripts set up, all we need is the folder (as we decided upon earlier), then click save.


Pop back onto Couch Potato and add a movie. It should find and pass the download off to Sabnzbd, then after the download and unpack, the file should get moved over to your downloaded movies folder.

The only part I’m now missing in the automation is the metadata for the movies. Obviosuly if you use XBMC or Media Browser then this is not an issue (as it will get it itself if needed). However it’s nice to have it pre downloaded, just in case.

If anyone knows a decent command line metadata processor then let me know. Thanks.