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GT5 Prolouge

Downloaded it, played through it a bit to get some of the cars and tracks unlocked. Shant bother anymore.

Why you may ask?

The cars are pretty, as much of the trackside stuff is, however the curtain picture for the ‘view’ is rubbish, and looks completely out of place. The frame rate can suffer badly at times when it gets busy in the scene, and not having crash damage is just inexcusable.

However this is not the main issue, the issue that get’s me the most is the lack of a feeling of speed. The cars just don’t feel like they are moving properly. Even if you unlock some of the Group A and B cars they feel like they are moving at a snails pace.

If your a car game fan, then stick with Forza 2 or PGR4, both better titles in my eyes (even if they don’t have the Audi R8 in them).

Also while on a negative note, the online play is just plain awful, when you first start the game you cannot play it online for all intense and purpose, as you only have access to the basic track/car lineup that your single player game allows you. Also not being able to play against people I know is just plain sucky.

Also what’s with the default controller layout? I want analogue throttle and braking, as would anyone with any sense, so sort it out Sony, and while your at it make a controller that will work for people with normal size hands! We are not all 12 year old Japanese boys!

Let’s hope that Sony sort out the issues in this ‘demo’ before the full GT5 game comes out, but in my eyes stick to the Microsoft games (or GT3 if you want to play on the Sony box).

£25 badly spent. But hey, the cars do look pretty!

PS3 – Yawn

So then, Sony have announced the release date for the PS3 in Europe, that date is Friday the 23rd of March.

Oh well, Thanks Sony, it's nice to be remembered. Oh slight issue though.

The ONLY version available in Europe will be the 60GB version, and it's going to rip you off cost you £425 (599Eur in Ireland, so with current exchange rates pop to Dublin to pick one up, it'll save you 30 quid, and you can get a day out at the Guinness factory), however Sony (like Nintendo) have still decided to rape us! In the USA these go for $600(ish) the converted price for Europe? Yes you worked it out $840. That means it's cost Sony 25% more to ship them to Europe? Give me a break! Sony are shipping 300,000 units to the UK (1 million Europe wide), who are they kidding, do you seroiusly think you will sell that many? You only just managed to sell that many over Christmas in the USA! for £100 less than your going to rip us off. Seriously, it costs Sony £100 to turn the PAL output on, and ship it to Europe, per console? Give me a break. At least Nintendo only charges us £40 more, and I thought that was bad enough!

If I were you, I'd save your money, pop out and get an Xbox 360 and a Wii, and enjoy your games, there just as good (mostly better) than anything on the PS3, and you will be able to play Halo3, Gears of War, GTA4 and Zelda.

Let's face it, BlueRay is dead (the BlueRay consortium have all starting hedging their bets by making dual reader devices like LG's), the device you buy will have to go back to Sony at some point, like my Xbox, but at least MS have decent customer service, oh yeah, and it's just plain FUGLY.

Sony save your effort, Europe wont buy any more devices than anyone else, stop feeding your engineers crack laiden sushi and just give up on this generation, work on the PS4. Lets hope you can make a decent device next time.

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