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XBox Live

With all the issues with the Microsoft XBox Live service over the last few weeks, there is a bit of a debate starting about the cost of the service, and why Gold users are not being compensated for the issues.

A good post was popped up onto the XBox official forums. However it seems someone at Microsoft disliked the message posted, and shortly after posting, it was taken down.

Here is a link to a saved copy of the message, but here is an excerpt

Yes, we’re getting a free Xbox Live Arcade game as compensation for nearly 3 weeks of Xbox Live downtime. Woohoo. No details have been given, and as a result I suspect that this free game will be a specific title or list of titles which Microsoft will choose. I feel that at the very least we deserve to be either refunded for a month of Xbox Live or given a free month on top of this. Think about it, if your cell phone service had trouble for a month, dropping calls, refusing to dial numbers, etc., you wouldn’t be satisfied with a free cell phone game. The first step would be a refund for that month and then some sort of compensation for the inconvenience on top of that.

I can’t say I agree more, well said. Pop and read the article, and please let’s try make Microsoft understand, us the users of Live would like to feel more valued.

Oh and not to be put to shame, Sony are mirroring the Live issues with the PS Store. They just cannot let Microsoft get the one up.

XBox Live

Just thought I would warn people. XBox Live is up and down like a jack-in-the-box at the moment as Microsoft are doing updates to both Live and the XBox.com site.

The updates went out yesterday in the States, and it looks like they are happening over here in Europe now.

So if you loose Live, then you know why. On a side note, you can't use the Media Centre Extender if your not signed in, bummer! Luckily I got logged in, and am now watching The Unit season 2 episode 5, and have just watched episode 5 of Heroes, which is just getting weirder by the episode!


Appologies for the outage over the past 12 hours or so, the demand for the Lunchtime diversion posting caused PHP to spike the processor on my hosts server.

I have 'lightened' up some of the server side scripting on the site, and with some luck it should not happen again. It seems in the 6 hours the server was up yesterday I had 2000, indiviual client's access the server, way up on 'normal', anyhow, welcome to anyone new that has bookmarked, or RSS'd me

 Normal service will now be resumed (with a little luck).