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Nissan GT-R

front-gtr The Tokyo motor show is on, and without a doubt the ‘biggest’ car there is the new Nissan GT-R.

The spiritual successor to the Skyline GTR has now been shown ‘in the flesh’. Until now all we have seen are the concept’s and the mules doing laps at the ring.

rear-gtr The GT-R is a car that Nissan have needed for a while. After the limited ‘official’ run of R34 Skyline GTR’s in the UK, and the obvious grey import market, we will now hopefully get the real GT-R in a production form for the UK and Europe. And lets be honest ever since Nissan and Renault joined forces, Nissan have lacked a little bit of sexy. Even the 350Z is only a Renault in sheep’s clothing when all said and done.

top-gtr So what makes the car so special? History, it’s one of the cars made famous in gaming, it also made it’s name around the ring, setting times right up there with the Porsche and Ferrari’s. This from a Japanese ‘family’ car.

inter-gtr The new car has an all new 3.8ltr V6, with twin turbo’s. The engine is derived from the R391 Le Mans car V8 engine (VRH35L), but obviously strengthened and has 2 cylinders less, for production use. So what I hear you say? well even in 1999 when the engine was developed it was cutting edge, and still is. The lump pumps out 480bhp, and does the 62mph run in 3.5 seconds, so it’s no slouch.

Some other fact’s that are interesting, it has a 0.27 drag co-efficient (pretty damn good, almost as good as a Prius in fact, but a damn sight better looking). It will also do 193mph at the top using road gearing. It has lapped the Nurburgring Nordschleife in 7min 38sec. Which is about as quick as a Porsche Carrera GT (300,000 quid’s worth). The best bit? it’s going to be about 60,000 quid when it goes on sale in the UK in 2009. The car has also got a ‘copy’ if the VAG group’s DSG (Dual Clutch) gearbox positioned at the rear end, just to balance it all out nicely.

I say welcome back to the party. It’s been a long time without a scary Japanese 4 wheel drive with the GT-R badge, but well worth the wait.

Cars on Show

As the Frankfurt show is on, here are a couple of the eye catchers………

lambo4First up, the 1Million pound Lambo, the Lamborghini Reventón is based on the LP640, it has a 6.5Ltr V12, pushing out 650Bhp. So with only 10Bhp more than the LP640, why the price difference?

Well it’s the technology involved, the car has everything that is available from the racetrack that is possibly road ready. It also weighs nearly nothing. With 20 of them going to be made, they are true Lamborghini fanboy cars, and look amazing.

VW Group (the owners of Lamborghini) now have two million pound ‘production’ cars on their books, I would still have the Veyron myself, but hey, that has a massive (by comparison) 300+ cars being made.

RS6070002 Next on the list is another of the VW group brands. This time it’s the Audi badge on show (Audi are the part of the company that look after Lamborghini incidentally).

RS6070010The Audi RS6 Avant is the fastest estate on the market. The car packs a very pretty 580Bhp (although apparently it’s closer to 600Bhp) V10 Twin Turbo under the bonnet, so it goes like stink (4.6 to 62 and 120mph in 14.9), and you can still get the kids and dogs in the back (and have fun making them sick, as leather is wipe clean after all), and will corner like it’s on rails thanks to the 4WD Quattro system with a 40 front 60 rear split.

Honda S2000 CR Prototype Next comes Honda. The S2000 is an aging car now, aging well, yes, but aging. So Honda are coming out with a nutter edition. The S2000 Type-S hit’s Japan next month at the Japanese Motor Show.

It’s got all the wheels and fairing’s of the S2000 Cup Racer that has been shown off before, but manages to keep the folding roof. No details on engine mods etc, but I would imagine that the power has been hiked a bit, and with some luck, we will see the engine back running again at above 9000RPM, for all that in your face screaming that we love with the S2000.

subie_wrc_live_1280_04 Subaru have shown off the WRC ‘concept’ for there new Impreza. The strange thing is that it’s not Fugly? What have Subaru been up to? a decent looking Impreza? no way! It just cannot happen…. Next thing we will hear is that they have re-hired Colin McRae for a race drive….

gtr_proto_30lo Other news (car related) is that Nissan have decided the engine for the GT-R (Replacement for the Skyline GT-R).

The VR38VETT will be a 3.8Ltr 6 cylinder Twin Turbo lump, figures are said to be 480Bhp (or there about’s) with 62 in sub 4 seconds.

The engine is basically a sister to the Cosworth Engineered 3.5Ltr V8 VRH35L that is found in the R390 LeMans car. So some trick components are going to be used, stuff like the turbo impellers being integrated into the exhaust chambers (might be hated by tuners, but keeps weight down), as well as extremely light internals for things like the crank shaft, Piston’s and con rods. Should be a right screamer when it’s released, so the Porsche 911 Turbo will certainly have to watch it’s back.

Ferrari 430 SCUDERIA Ferrari showed of it’s ‘Stradale’ version of the F430, the cunningly named F430 Scuderia (so that’s an F430 Team, who’s bright idea was that? anyhow….). As with most modern Ferrari’s it looks the part, and will undoubtedly be very quick around the track, but Ferrari are so passe……

So there is a lot of pretty hardware coming our way soon. Still nothing here want’s me to change my mind, I would still take the Audi R8……. Well, perhaps the Lambo would be nice…..