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I’ve had my HD2 over the weekend now, and I must say, it has to be the best WinMo device I have ever used. It’s quick, and very (and I do mean very) rarely has lag issues.

There are some things to note though.

Device needs Compact FrameWork 3.5 installing on it – .NET Compact Framework 3.5 Redistributable

There is a new ‘test’ ROM out for the WWE (unlocked) devices, which is what I am running Download Here

Lower the screen sensitivity, obviously this is personal choice, but I found the screen far too sensitive. (Download desense / Reset to factory)

Other things that you should probably do :

  • Enable the Magnifying Box for text selection
    HKLM/Software/HTC/TextSelection/EnableMagnifier and change from 0 to 1
  • Turn on 802.11n support
    HKLM/Comm/BCMSDDHD1/Parms/11nModeDisable = Change from 1 to 0
  • Add shorcut’s for apps that are for some reason installed and left unlinked (all in Windows Folder)
    eT9MyWords.exe / bubblebreaker.exe / solitaire.exe
  • Install Dutty’s task Manager (the Original HTC task manager) –

That’s about it for now, full review when I have a chance to go through the whole thing 🙂

AKU 3.2 on the Universal

I've been running the AKU 3.2 update on my MDA Pro for a few days now, and thought I would say how it's coming along.

My first impressions of it seemed to be correct, it feels faster and more stable, and it is.

All of the applications I have installed on it work fine, so far. The new IE is much better, not quite Opera, but getting there.

The ability to use MP3/WMA audio for notifications is a godsend, there so much smaller than the equivalent WAV files that you used to have to use.

Also, even if you are not thinking of going to AKU 3.2, then I highly recommend upgrading to radio stack 1.13. Not only is the Bluetooth now certainly more stable (not had any spurious disconnects from my Parrot 3300), but the UMTS network coverage is certainly better, I get the UMTS connection in places that it just never happened before.

On my drive home in the evening I noticed that the network is mostly T-Mobile UMTS UK, where it used to be T-Mobile UK (GPRS).

If you were thinking about the upgrade, I say do it. You won't be sorry.

HTC Universal AKU3.2

I've taken the plunge, and put the latest and (possibly) greatest version of the firmware on my T-Mobile MDA Pro.

The AKU3.2 is not an official firmware release, more of a homebrew (AKU3.2 is not available from anyone but Microsoft at the moment).

However it seems stable and without a doubt quicker than the AKU2.2 release I had before.

To do the upgrade you need the following download, and then have a read through the readme.txt included.

I've also included the Radio 1.13 rom, and the startup splash screen changer in the RAR file.

If you have any issues, then leave a comment, or pop along to XDA-Developers.

Also if you have a MDA Vario2 (or HTC Wizard) then pop along to Dan's site, he's done the same on his one of them.