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Ferrari running F1 Turbo in test?

A video’s turned up of what looks and sounds like an FXX/LaFerrari derivative running a Turbo Charged engine, possibly the F1 power unit or close relative of it.


The car as you can see has a snorkel on the top, which is a strange addition to the Ferrari cars it looks like it’s a member of. It would make sense for Ferrari to get some running on the engine, as it’s well ‘understood’ that they are struggling with their power train, especially on fuel usage.

There is also theories that the car may well be Ferrari’s return to LMP1 racing, and using the Power train from the F1 car would then be a good idea. Cross development would help both cars, and allow Ferrari to legitimately do more testing on the hybrid system.

Only time will tell if the car is a one off, or a serious return to LeMans

Grand Prix SE

protectedimage.jpgThe DVD Times is reporting that a region 1 version of a fully restored version of the great F1 movie is being released. It features a restored 65mm to DVD video transfer and a remastered 5.1 soundtrack.

It also features a bunch of documentaries, 4 of which have not been released before.

I'm not sure about a region 2 release date (or even if it's coming here) so I would pick it up from your local R1 distributor.

Mike gone at Toyota?

GascoyneIt seems that Mike Gascoyne and Toyota are not happy with each other, Gascoyne has been suspended due to "fundamental difference of opinion with regard to the technical operations". What that probably means is that Toyota is not happy with the strict an open way that Gascoyne runs his team.

Toyota where rumored to be paying Gascoyne the highest wage in the F1 game for his particular services, due to the fact he transformed the Renault team in his time there.

It is said that Toyota will probably assign Pascal Vasselon the job. Toyota picked him up from Michelin at the end of last year.

Not bing privy to the conversations that have gone on between Toyota and Gascoyne I cannot comment on why the break-up has actually happened; however I think if Toyota are basing this decision Continue reading Mike gone at Toyota?