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24 Season 6 Leaked

24leak.jpg24 Season 6 episode 1, 2, 3 and 4 have been leaked onto the net. The episodes first appeared on an Asian BitTorrent site, and now are available pretty much anywhere.

If you want to download them and have a look what it's all about then they are available on Easynews

Episode 1 , Episode 2, Episode 3 and Episode 4 

They are just brilliant! Jack back to his best.

The talk however is will it kill off Fox's launch of season 6 next week? Well no, most of the people that will download it and are in the states will watch it anyhow, plus the other people not in the states are just going to download them anyhow, go get them, and get into the season early.

The source of these episodes seems to be a leaked copy of the Season 6 Disk 1 disk getting out into the wild.

Thing’s I need to do….

Seems as it's been ages since I blogged, there are a few things we need to catch up on.

F1 – Great race, unlucky to Button, but hey his car was not quick anyhow, in race trim at least.

XDA – Popped the iMate Jam AKU2 firmware onto the device. Oh boy what a change, why are O2 taking o long to launch it? The new firmware is amazing! so much quicker and less hiccupy (oh for those that use Opera on there device, put a copy of the Aerial font into the \windows\fonts folder to fix the font problems with beta 2). Pop along to XDA-Developers for the low down.

Oblivion – Great game! If you have a PC (with some oomf) or a 360 then GET IT! (oh and check out Oblivion Blog)

Mac – Got a nice shiny new Intel Mac mini? Get yourself BootCamp, and your Mac can do Windows Too.

What else? Oh yeah Continue reading Thing’s I need to do….