Where Sony waiting and did they know?

So the question that needs asking now is did Sony know about the iPod Gen5? Sony today released the v2.5 PSP firmware which, to be honest; makes the iPod’s new video ability look a bit out of date!


Sony are saying why download the video after they have been aired when you can watch whatever is on the TV now.

Sony Location Free TV will allow you to watch your TV on the move from your PSP (as long as you have a WiFi link).

So this all sounds pretty impressive? it is, however there are some slight downsides, these are Price : Costs about $300 for the base unit that sits at home, Bandwidth : Requires 300KB/s downstream connection at the PSP end, this however means you will need a similar bandwidth at the home end, in the UK that causes problems as most cable/DSL connections only have 128kb/s upstream connection.

So again, another product that wont quite work in the UK.

If only someone would create something that could hook into my Sky+ and allow me to transcode my unwatched/saved shows onto my mobile device then I would buy it now.

So my recommendation for the moment is to keep hold of the v1.5 firmware on your PSP and pay all the great homebrew out there.

Lexus LF-A

Lexus may be on the verge of releasing a 500Bhp V10 sport’s car at some point soon. This as well as Toyota’s soon to be unveiled Supra means that the Toyota group have 2 great car’s coming soon.


The LF-A as the Lexus concept is called was originally unveiled at Detroit and has now had the green light to go ahead. Will the Supra and LF-A share the same platform (and even the same engine?)

Those two and the upcoming Nissan GT-R should mean some hot competition on the supercar front from Japan again, even if Honda have not announced a replacement for the NSX, we can only hope they have something hiding in the wings.

Video iPod, Has Apple dropped a clanger?

So then, the Apple’s video iPod is out next week, but have Apple dropped a clanger with it?

What Apple has released to the world is not what the world wanted! Yes everyone wants an iPod that does video, but what Apple has given us is an iPod that does video. Now I know that makes little sense so let me explain.

Apple have released an iPod that has the ability to play video, now that is a fine thing (they have updated the screen a bit), however the screen they have supplied is not really up to watching video on for any length of time.

Also the signed up video is not really that great. Sure the ABC titles are nice, but only in the States? So outside of the USA all we can watch is a few shorts from Pixar and some music video’s from U2 and Madonna.

The one plus point from the new iPod is its 20 hour battery life (let’s ignore the Walkman stuff for now), but if you play any sort of video that’s 2-3 hours! So you can’t even use it to ‘listen’ to videos.

I personally cannot see the point in me upgrading my 40 GB Gen 3 iPod, it can’t do pictures (so what) it can’t do video (so what)

So I shall wait with baited breath for an 80 GB iPod and use my PSP for video. Easy, and much nicer to watch 


On the plus side : Mark has just pointed out that the countdown timer function (which neither myself or Dan knew existed) is on the Nano (and Gen4 devices)

Goto Clock
Select Sleep Timer
Select time
Device goes to sleep after x minutes!
















Nice thanks Mark!

iPod 5G?

Over at http://live.ilounge.com/ they have some nice photos of what they believe could be the "One More Thing"


Both Mac Rumors and iLounge are being hammered at the moment. The Apple event doesn’t start for a while yet, but the site’s are all getting crammed with traffic.

If the device comes out and (will probably support video in one form or another) has video support for videoPodCast’s of sorts then that will be ace, and my 40Gb Gen 3 will be going to eBay’s direction. Toshiba have announced that their 80Gb drive is going to be used, so that probably means 30/80Gb choice.

We will see after the press event. For now though try

http://www.ilounge.com or http://www.macrumors.com or http://www.applexnet.com for the latest developments


(Click images for full sized version)

Sunday Links

Little bit bored with the GP this morning, so was surfing about a bit (oh well done to Renault, both driver and constructors, MClaren should have won the constructors though, would only have been fair).


Anyhow, here is a list of some amusing site’s I bumped into whilst surfing

So you can see what I was surfing for this morning… Not sure why the mood just took me that way. Anyhow have fun…..

Well done to Ralph, well brought home, and a good end of the season for him. While I’m on a Motor Sport note, well done to Both Rossi for his 5th Australian GP win, and also to Pedrosa for not only maintaining his 250 title, but winning Honda’s 600th GP victory.