TP-Link Archer C3200 updated EU firmware

I’ve been fighting a couple of bugs for ages, and no matter what I asked TP-Link directly, they just keep saying the US 17xxxx formware will be ‘coming soon’ to the EU variants, but that’s been ages, and nothing yet. So a little surfing around and some digging, and I’ve bumped into the ‘beta’ version of the firmware for the EU devices.

This isn’t quite the same version as the US one, however is does seem to have the bugs fixed that were bothering me, so may be worth a try if your suffering with issues.

It’s version 161115 (released version of the EU devices are 1607xx)

Here’s the direct link to it on the TP-Link site or a direct link if the firmware is removed Archer_C3200v1_0.9.1_0.1_up_boot(161115)_EUBeta01_2016-11-15_09.42.01_1479451747896g

It does have a for internal testing banner in it, but seems to work just fine.