Amazon Alexa and Logitech Harmony

So you have got your nice Shiny Amazon Echo, with all the Alexa goodness!

But Damn, no IFTTT support in the UK at the moment, so how the heck do I get Alexa to turn off my TV?

Well Yonomi has support for the Harmony, as well as other things.

Just set Yonomi up, and link it to your Logitech account, setup the things you want Alexa to be able to do in Yonomi. Then add the Yonomi Skill to Alexa and link the two together.

Pop into Alexa and scan for new devices in the Smart Home section, it will find all the Yonomi tasks, and you can use them. I’ve not added them to a group, just seems to complicate things.

And now I can just say “Alexa turn everything off” and hey presto, all the media systems turned off.