The Hobbit – Desolation of Smaug

Popped to see this over the Christmas period, and have very mixed thought’s on it (as I also do with the first movie).

I watched it in 3D HFR, and the technology is certainly shown off to better effect in this movie over the first Hobbit. However I will warn you that it does lend everything a surreal ‘hyper-real’ effect, that I’m not sure everyone will get on with. Special effects as a general rule are done splendidly by Weta, however some of the digital actors still don’t have the right feeling of weight and movement.

Now the movie, like the first one, there is a lot more to Peter Jackson’e Hobbit story than there ever was in the Tolkien original, whether that’s good or bad is probably personal. I love the book, and the Hobbit is one of my favorite books of all time, and therefor for me removing it’s innocence of being a ‘There and back again’ adventure has tainted it for me. I know it needs to sit in Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings world, but there is so much of the ‘hidden behind the scenes’ that was in the book now fleshed out it’s lost all it’s innocence and sincerity.

Smaug was played lovely by Benedict Cumberbatch, he had the right tone, and playfulness, with all the pent up rage still coming through.

I can’t say I disliked the second Hobbit, not as much as the first one at least, however the ending to it (although obvious) really was odd at best, and some of the places where the story has left that of the book seem odd.

I’ll let you decide however, as I know people that feel the way I do about this set of movies in regards to the Lord of the Rings ones, and I can honestly say I never had those issues, but that’ probably because the books were not held in the same regard as I do with this material.

I recommend you to go see the movie, especially if going to watch it in 3D HFR, as I think the technology when matured could really be the next step up.