SCOM 2012R2 Enable Proxy on Clients

We all know that the enabling Proxy on the clients is useful for many Management Packs, so here (mainly so I can remember it, but if it helps you then that’s great) is a quick command to check, and then enable the Agent Proxy.

To check

Get-SCOMAgent | where {$_.ProxyingEnabled.Value -eq $False}

That should give you something like

HealthState DisplayName Version ActionAccountIdentity ProxyingEnabled
----------- ----------- ------- --------------------- ---------------
Success servername 7.1.10133.0 SYSTEM False

So if we add a Enable-SCOMAgentProxy to that then we can set the servers, so

Get-SCOMAgent | where {$_.ProxyingEnabled.Value -eq $False} | Enable-SCOMAgentProxy will enable it for all the servers.