Cheap Plex Player

roku2_artI’m documenting how to get the new NowTV (BskyB) player to run the Roku Plex Client so you can connect to your Plex server.

First obviously you need to order a NowTV Box, do that by clicking here

Sign up to NowTV as you need an account, goto the Create Account page for the 30 day free trial (just cancel straight away unless you really want to use the movies stuff, or if you don’t want to take anything then just don’t sign up for anything, just use your account details from when you bought the box), but if you are thinking of getting the movies, then this promotion (2.50 / month for 6 months) is a better bet (just remember to cancel it before the end of the 6 months)

Once you have the NowTV box in your hands and plugged into the TV, power it up and login etc.

Once at the home screen press Home button x 3 Up x 2 Right, Left, Right, Left, Right, make a note of the IP address and enable the developer mode.

Now from a PC on the same network, connect to the NowTV Box with a web browser http://IP-ADDRESS then upload the file to it, you should see an install success notice, and the TV should have Plex notification up on it.

Well done, Cheap Plex Player.


If you want the very latest version of Plex then you need to download the GIT for it ( then rename the Manifest.Template file to Manifest and then ZIP the whole lot up, that’s the latest version.

UPDATE – I’ve been asked so I’ll mention it, if you get a pink/purple screen during playback it’s a handshake issue on HDMI (HDCP issue). Usually caused by dodgy cable, or incompatible hardware somewhere in the stream. The Roku LT suffers the same issues, flicking to 4×3 mode then back to 720p usually sorts it if its just the tv being slow to handshake (could try pulling the cable etc too)

OTHER – some apps worth grabbing from the Roku store, some are a bit odd that they haven’t been blocked by Sky. Spotify (if you have an account its a no brainier), PlayTo (grab the android companion app) allows you to ‘throw’ media from other sources (DLNA) like the companion app or most Windows machines, MetaTube (YouTube is blocked, go figure?), tune in radio and revision 3.