Plex on the Microsoft Surface

Just  quick post to show people how to get Plex up and running on the Microsoft Surface (or any Windows RT machine for that matter).

First things first, we have to get IE allowing flash on your Plex site, but for that we need the Plex web interface, and for that at the moment you need to sign up for a Plex Pass and set you home IP up for a Dynamic DNS (I use No-IP, most routers support them for auto updating)

Right, got those setup? now lets get IE10 to allow us to use flash on it.

  1. Open the desktop version of Internet Explorer 10, press the Alt button to display the browser’s menu bar, and select Tools > Compatibility View Settings
  2. Uncheck Download updated compatibility lists from Microsoft
  3. Run notepad “%HOMEPATH%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\IECompatData\iecompatdata.xml”
  4. Press CTRL-F and search for <flash>
  5. Go Down a few rows or so, until you find the <domain></domain>

Above that add your own domain you registered above, <domain></domain> (obviously replace with yours)

  1. Back in IE10 click the Cog (or alt-T) Internet settings, click Delete and delete history.
  2. Bring up task manager (long click on the task bar) expand it, and if there is Internet Explorer running, then kill the processes.
  3. Press the Windows Logo, launch IE and goto the site you registered, (note the port 32400 and the /web)
  4. Enjoy your Plex, on a local lan, it can happily process 8mbps, although the flash engine in IE10 gets a bit bogged down after that.