Moving 360 HDD’s

Thought moving from a 20gb to the 60gb drive I got for chrimbo would be easy, unfortunatly not. Microsoft in their wisdom dont ship the MS transfer cable with the drive, so I picked up one of the 3rd party SATA ones up.

Cable works fine, unfortunatly the software leaves a bit to be desired, yes I know it’s freeware and I could not do better, and MS don’t make it easy by using FAT-X instead of a real disk format.

In the end what I did was this, pull the latest Datel XPort 1.12 down and do a backup of the 20gb (just in case), now copy the partition3\Contents folder to somewhere.

Add the new hdd to the machine via USB or SATA and copy the Contents folder back over to partition3. If it all copies over just fine then lucky you, a coplete backup, if like me you have strange dropouts and crashes of the XPort software then your best bet is to just copy over the Profiles (save games etc), to do that copy all the contents from the Contents folder over except the 0000000000 folder (that’s the downloaded content), then re-download all the stuff you want, re-downloading has one benefit, you only download the stuff you want and unclutter the disk.

Point of note though, if the software does crash on you mid copy, make sure you DELETE the folder one above before re-copying data, else the space that was allocated just vanishes.