T-Mobile Data Stick on Win7

Got a T-Mobile DataStick? Got Windows 7? can’t get em to play nice? OK here we go with a fix, it’s a bit of a hack, but hey it works. This should also work for the Vodafone, 3, Orange variants as they all use the same 3G Data Stick at heart, it’s just the branding of the software that changes.

Things you need :

  • T-Mobile DataStick (re-branded Huawei E170, will work with an E172 as well I would think)
  • A Windows Vista/XP machine (temporarily I used a VM)
  • Switch Port from below

Got all that? good, pop the device into the usb, and when the Virtual CD comes up install the software. Now fire up the VM, insert the USB Stick and make sure the VM captures it (if not VM / Removable Devices / Hauwaei / Connect)

Install the application/drivers and make sure Vista/XP can connect etc, then close all the modem apps down.

CaptureFire up the Switch Port application, and click Find Device, when it’s found click the CDRom to Diag button, it should say all done, disconnect.

Unplug the device and minimise the VM, click the desktop (make sure that the VM is not the active window) and pop the device back into the Windows 7 Machine and watch it detect the device and all it’s hardware.

Right, now what’s not going to work now we have done that? Well the CD-Rom part of the application will not work until you switch it back to CDRom mode (this can be done in Windows 7, Vista/XP  is only needed to switch it back to Windows 7 mode). That means you will be constantly switching between modes, or make sure the machines you want to use it on has the software installed, or have the software on another USB Stick.

Anyhow, I had to get mine going, and the software is on all the PC’s I need it on so matters not to me.

Any problems let me know.

UPDATE : New firmware and Web ‘n Walk Software are available for the E17x Devices.

Download Switch Port