E3, and the winner is….

Right so all of the E3 presentations have been done, well at least all the important ones (MS, Sony, Nintendo)

So lets take a look at who ‘won’

Nintendo – Oh dear, WTF happened there? They announced nothing as far as I can see, oh sorry they pranced on about some animals or something. Score 1/10 (and that was just for Reggie)

Sony – OK, so Sony have announced a bunch of stuff for next year, come on Sony we want games THIS YEAR! Besides that, there is the Home beta coming, whoopee, that will last as long as Second Life then. Video service announced, yay, so Sony have caught up with Microsoft on something else (XMB in game came before E3), well they did right up until Microsoft’s announcement (see later). What else? oh yeah DC universe DOES look quite good, and Resistance 2 looks pretty (let’s hope it plays better than 1), oh yeah and a price drop for the 80Gb console in the states (to $399). Score 6/10 (They showed some pretty stuff at least)

Microsoft – OK, so Microsoft pulled this E3 out of the bag, there was no waggle controller announced, but they have announced a complete overhaul of the 360 interface, and it looks decent. Avatars (think Mii’s) go with that, and look OK, most importantly though is install to HDD, it will increase load speed, be optional and not spin the DVD drive (Thank Feck!). GOW2 looks ace, Halo Wars looks good, as does Banjo. Fable 2 looks pretty, and fun as does Fallout 3. Plus we get Portal 2 on XBLA!. Some of the social gaming stuff could be interesting depending on what prizes you can win (and if it comes to UK). The Netflix announcement pours water onto the Sony video store announcement at least in the USA (do lovefilm in the UK please). Oh and just to piss on Sony’s parade they go and announce that the 360 is getting Final Fantasy 13. Score 8/10

So that’s a win for MS, one reason was because we found out that the spring update was not released for a reason, and most of the games are coming out this year, not next.

However there is a worrying trend showing in all 3 presentations. Games developers are targeting non gamers at the moment, with few releases being shown for real gamers. Sony, MS and Nintendo all dedicated the majority of their presentations to showing off their family games. I’ve discussed this with Dan and he agrees, we need a movement to bring gaming back to gamers!