Want a GT-R?

nissan-gt-r Well now you can order one.

The UK price is actually better than we all thought, the price being banded about was 60k, but it turns out that the real price is nearly 10k cheaper than that.

UK Prices start at £52,900 for the ‘normal’ GT-R, then we take a step up to the GT-R Premium Edition (auto lights and a Bose sound system) for a cool £54,200, then we have the priciest version at £55,500, called the GT-R Black Edition which will give you Kuro Black paint, gunmetal grey alloys and black leather/pearlsuede interior.

So 53k for a 911 Turbo/GT3-RS beater? sounds like a bargain, or it does right up until you realise that the Japanese pay just over £30k for their ones! but hey.

Pop along to www.gtrnissan.com to put your £3500 deposit down on one.