Audi R8 V12TDi

The Geneva motor show started today, and Audi seemed to want to show the R8 TDi off. However rather than doing what Ford or GM would do, and ship the car they showed off in Detroit to the show, it built another one. This time in Red and black, and it does look good!

I challenge anyone to say that this car is not production ready, if they can just knock together 2 ‘prototypes’ in under a month, then there must be some drive inside Audi to do the Diesel SuperCar.

_MG_9045 _MG_9048 _MG_9052

_MG_9054 _MG_9055

This car however might not see the light of day, now that Porche have been given the all clear by the VW board to take a 51% stake in the company, will they want a challenger to the Porche 911, that could be considered ‘Green’, well Green for a SuperCar at least.