CES – Microsoft Keynote

070107_ces_gates_vmed9p_widec OK, so the ‘Big’ XBox announcement was that BT are going to use the 360 as a device to stream their broadband TV service to, big deal, that will help the three people that want to use the service. Oh well.

Other things that can be worked out from the keynote?

Well, the new version of Vista Picture Gallery seemed to have export to Flickr in it, which is nice, or at least the presenter that was showing off the Windows Live stuff had it in her Vista (seems a bit of an oxy moron, but hey) – Update, cheers to Simon, Here’s a link to the download of the beta.

The 360 has 10 million Live users now, and 17.7 million consoles in the wild, with the largest attachment rate in industry history. All good news for the MS Console.

No news on HD-DVD and the rumoured Toshiba announcement, perhaps it’s because of the recent Warner Blu-Ray exclusive announcement. So perhaps Toshiba asked for the news to be cut from the Keynote?

Disney, ABC, MGM have signed up to allow their content onto the Microsoft Download TV service (along with the BT streaming stuff).

4073022_0b6edb5710_m No real Windows Mobile announcements, but we have the news about what’s coming in that anyhow.

We got reminded about Media Center, that it ships with Vista (some versions anyhow).

We got to see the Zune Social, yeah ship it to Europe you muppets! also saw the Ford Sync car stuff, ho hum, it’s all been in the Fiat range for 12 months now, so nothing new there, just Ford USA are (as usual) 12 months behind.

So the real reason for the event was to say goodbye to Bill, he leaves MS (full time) this year, and goes on to run his and his wife’s charity.

It’s kind of sad to see Bill leave Microsoft, yeah he is’nt leaving it fully, but, hey MS would not be MS without him….. I suppose now we will see.