Apple News

dsc_7671 I still don’t understand why we all get so excited over Steve Jobs’ press announcements.

For the last few it’s been a build up to nothing…. and this one is no different.

Good things

  • 160Gb iPod ‘Classic’ – Has the cover flow UI.
  • Smaller, useful Nano – Again has the cover flow UI, but from people seeing it they say it’s clunky as the Nano has not got the horsepower to do it.
  • iPhone gets reduced in price.
  • iPod Touch announced – Basically iPhone without the phone.

The Bad

  • iPod ‘Classic’ – Still not got the nice screen….. now has the storage to do video, but not the screen
  • Nano – Looks fuggly
  • iPhone – hey who really cares? at the end of the day WM6 is still a better phone platform for the power user, and it’s still only got 8Gb of storage
  • iPod Touch – Come on, it’s a Nano with the nice screen (in essence), give us a device with some capacity! I don’t mind if it’s thicker, if it has the storage capacity to actually use as a video playback device. Also the interface has not been overhauled to be used as a none phone device, and looks odd because it’s clearly missing buttons (icons). Yes it has WiFi and yes Starbucks will let me connect to iTunes, but hey that’s nothing new, and even if I don’t have to pay Starbucks for the WiFi access, I still have to pay for the iTunes downloads. Also with HTC already having a device out called the Touch, it might get a little confusing for buyers.


  • The iPhone Europe announcement everyone thought was coming, with the 3G additions, nope, certainly steering clear of the G1 iPhone that’s for sure, bring on the HTC Kaiser
  • iPod Touch without storage, what are Apple thinking? it would be the perfect video iPod if it just had more space!
  • Wireless sync, not mentioned anywhere, so no syncing with friends, or even your PC over WiFi
  • Starbucks location awareness, come on, Starbucks may be a big thing for Steve, but in Europe it’s not used, partner with a real WiFi supplier!

Oh well, I know I’m not towing the Apple line in being disappointed, but hey, I need a new iPod, and wanted the mix of the 160Gb and the Touch…. Looks like I will have to wait and see what Microsoft announce on the Zune front……