Happy Birthday CD

250px-Compact_disc_svg This is a quick post (been a while) to say happy birthday to the CD.

The CD is testament to what can be done when two technology giants get together to do something.

Phillips are the inventor of the disk, but went to Sony in 1979 to get help in making the technology work.

The CD is actually the spiritual successor to the Video Disk format, borrowing a lot of the technology that the album size laser disks pioneered.

The first title to get released on CD was ABBA’s The Visitors  and was produced in a plant near Hanover in Germany.

CD’s have matured over the years, and have gone from expensive factory produced media. The big acceptance of the CD came when the computing industry started putting data on the disks. This was initially driven by the gaming community, with consoles like the Sega MegaCD and the Commodore CD32 driving the technology in the living room, and games like the 7th Guest and Star Wars Rebel Assault driving the technology on the PC.

So well done to all those involved, it had a difficult start to life, but now we just take the humble CD for granted in our day to day lives.