Vista X64 and Media Center

I've recently upgraded my Media Center PC to a Core II Duo, and as a consequence I decided to try Vista X64.

Now this went on well, performed well, and for the most part worked great, I even had native driver support for everything I had connected.

The one place I did not think there would be a problem was with Media Center. Now the issue is not Media Center itself, but rather the fact that it is a native X64 application, because of this it needs X64 versions of all the codec's I use.

However there are no X64 codecs around, none! FFDShow has a variant that will not play back XVid/DivX at all, and makes a hash of most other things as well.

The *Nix world has had native 64bit support for things for quite a while now, so why is the windows world dragging their heals?

I think it's because the X64 WinXP was for all intense and purpose a 32Bit OS anyhow, there was no 64Bit apps.

Yes it's the old chicken egg syndrome, vendors wont write x64 stuff, because no-one has it, but people wont install it because x64 stuff does not exist.

I was willing to try the Vista x64 stuff, because I thought I could struggle through until it took hold, but I cannot, a media center without any media is just not worth it.

So back to 32Bit Vista for me it is. Please someone let me know when x64 wakes up and starts being useful!