Windows Vista Shotcuts

Windows Vista comes with a load of new features to play with. Some of those are great, some annoying.

Here are a bunch of the shortcut key's that are available in Vista, I'm putting them up mainly for me, so I ca remember them, but you may find them usefull as well

Windows Key + G – tabs between gadgets (new)
Windows Key + D – shows desktop (same as XP)
Windows Key + E – Windows Explorer (same as XP)
Windows Key +  R – Run (same as XP, but works even if run s not on start menu)
Windows Key + T – Tabs between applications on the Task Bar
Windows Key + U – Ease of Access Center (new)
Windows Key + F – Search (same as XP, but uses new search)
Windows Key + L – Lock (same as XP)
Windows Key + X – brings up Windows Mobility Center (new)
Windows Key + M – minimizes all applications (same as Windows+D put keeps gadgets)

Have fun with Vista, oh and there is a post RC1 release out. Release 5728 has got some fixes in it (hopefully new Mass Storage Drivers fr the 4Gb SanDisk Cruzer so I can use ReadyBoost with it).

The 5728 build is apparently in the 'Gold' line of builds (like all 57xx builds are) so pop over to Microsoft to grab it.