Windows Mobile Device Center

Update – Microsoft have released this (for RC1 but works in RTM, I'm sure a new version will be out for Launch).

Dan pointed me in the direction of this blog.

I've done as suggested, and it works a charm on my laptop, syncing to my HTC Universal (please note however, this is an UNSUPPORTED way to get the WMDC installed. The current WMDC is for private/internal Microsoft testing only, and get's updated regularly. So there is a risk in using it.)

  • Make sure your Mobile device is unplugged
  • What you have to do is this, Fire up regedit and pop along to HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft 
  • Right Click the Microsoft key, then select New – Key
  • Create a new key called WHOS
  • Close Regedit down, now connect your device and let it connect. You know it's />connected when the storage is visible in the My Computer explorer.
  • Now Goto Windows Update, make sure it says it will update Windows and Other Applications (see image right)
  • Click the Check for updates in the top left corner.
  • It should detect a new driver update called 'Microsoft Corporation driver update for Microsoft Windows Mobile Remote Adapter'
  • Let Windows Update install the new driver.
  • Plug in your Windows Mobile device, and hey presto you can now sync with Outlook or the Windows Mail/Contacts
  • I'm not really sure why Microsoft have 'left this out' of the current builds of Vista. Although I suppose they have not, you have to download the update from Windows Update.

I've tried this with both Windows Mobile 5, and Windows Mobile 2003. The experience is not bad at all, very much improved on ActiveSync.


The system works with Office 2007 B2TR fine for syncing contacts etc. Also I quite like the way it shows you new items like pictures, video and music etc.

The application install experience is a little hit and miss at the moment. Some installers check for the ActiveSync process running, obviously it's not there so they fail.

SyncCenter.JPGHowever most applications install and work fine. After you've got it all running, and you want to find your way back to the application, then it's in the control panel, or if you have the green Sync Center icon in the taskbar then double click that and you will get the Sync Center up. This has all of your synchronisations in it for files, folders and now mobile devices.

Oh on a side note, the images are all taken using one of my favorite bit's of Vista, Vista Sniping Tool is brilliant. If you want to run it, just click start, then type snipper into the search.

The reg file needed looks like this (open notepad and paste the contents below in Italic into it then save as wmdc.reg)

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


For those still struggling to get this installed, try downloading this msi installer and running it AFTER setting the registry. I would sudgest you then reboot the machine and do a windows update to check for a new version (as this one may be out of date).