Universal Upgrade to AKU2

It seems there are a few search results coming in looking for how to upgrade your HTC Universal to the AKU2 Rom.

If you are using an O2 XDA Exec there is now a new Rom over on the XDA site, that would be your easiest way of updating.

However if like me you dislike all the rubbish that O2 tend to put in the ROM, then you can upgrade to one of the iMate Roms.

To do this download the latest iMate or QTek Rom (have a look here for your Rom) I use the uni_cdl_13068_130153_10900_wwe.exe ROM on my Exec.

Now download the patched MAUpgrade Util.

When you have both the Rom and the upgrade util you need to extract the Rom file into a folder (use WinRar to extract) and then place the MAUpgrade util into the same folder.

Make sure your Universal has better than 50% battery and is plugged into the USB port. After ActiveSync has finished connecting run the patched HimaUpgrade util, click through the OK's and yes's. 

Your Universal will now reboot into the boot ROM mode, if the HimaUpgrade util complains, click the close button and run it again (do not reboot your Universal, leave it in boot mode). If your device complains about country codes, then you need to put the device into BootRom mode manualy, to do this press the camera, power and reset buttons at the same time, this will then give you the Serial / USB upgrade rom mode, now re-launch the MA Upograde application and continue.

The upgrade will now happen, after 20 minutes or so enjoy your upgraded AKU2 device.

If you have any issues give me a shout, or have a look over on the XDA-Dev's Universal forum, everyone there will be happy to help.

Oh yeah, this pdf is the internal strip/rebuild/debug document from HTC, it's 21mb.