Virtual Server 2005 SP1 Beta

The latest beta for the Microsoft Virtual Server product is out. New in the SP1 product (but not necessarily in the beta) are :-

  • Support for Intel VT capable Processors (Hardware virtualization support)
    Virtual Server 2005 R2 SP1 includes support for Intel® Virtualization Technology. By default, hardware assisted virtualization is enabled if present. Support for Intel® Virtualization Technology can also be specifically enabled or disabled on a per virtual machine basis by toggling the "Enable hardware-assisted virtualization if available" option in the general properties configuration page. Users should refer to their system’s documentation on how to enable Intel® Virtualization Technology.
  • Virtual SCSI Fix for *nix guest os's
    Some users encountered an issue when trying to install certain Linux distributions inside a virtual machine on the emulated SCSI bus. The issue occurred most often with the Linux 2.6.x kernel. This issue has been fixed in R2 SP1 Beta 1.
  • AMD Virtualization Technology (AVT) compatibility
  • Active Directory integration and management features
  • Volume Shadow Service Support
    This will allow 'live' backups of running virtual systems

To get onto the beta pop along to Microsoft Connect and click apply next to the appropriate beta.