Thing’s I need to do….

Seems as it's been ages since I blogged, there are a few things we need to catch up on.

F1 – Great race, unlucky to Button, but hey his car was not quick anyhow, in race trim at least.

XDA – Popped the iMate Jam AKU2 firmware onto the device. Oh boy what a change, why are O2 taking o long to launch it? The new firmware is amazing! so much quicker and less hiccupy (oh for those that use Opera on there device, put a copy of the Aerial font into the \windows\fonts folder to fix the font problems with beta 2). Pop along to XDA-Developers for the low down.

Oblivion – Great game! If you have a PC (with some oomf) or a 360 then GET IT! (oh and check out Oblivion Blog)

Mac – Got a nice shiny new Intel Mac mini? Get yourself BootCamp, and your Mac can do Windows Too.

What else? Oh yeah I will finish my review of Stephen King's 'Cell' shortly, but the crux of it is it's a good read.

24 – Season 5 is getting very interesting! Download the latest episode

Lost – Season 2 is still holding my interest, Download it here

MaxDSL is now available on most exchanges in the UK, check with your provider and get upgraded, I can finally break out of the 512k limit and get a whole meg (should'nt live in the middle of knowhere!)

Oh well, I'm sure I'll think of more, but that's it for now.