Audi TT’2′

BumThe new Audi TT has not disappointed. The launch pictures (topgear site) of it look fabulous.

The new car will launch in 2 variants initially. The baby one will be a FWD 2ltr TFSI (200bhp Golf GTi mk5 lump), the sixty run should be around the 6.6 second mark.

The Daddy is however the 3.2ltr V6 (250bhp) Quatro (4WD) with the DSG option. Sixty in this one will be in the 5.7sec area, with the manual coming in slightly slower at 5.9sec.

SquintThe styling and engines are not the only things that have changed. The new car is on a bespoke platform and not the Golf one this time, is longer and wider than the outgoing model. The clever thing is though, because it's all made for the TT this time, the car has made use of lot's of aluminium making the car around 50kg lighter than the lower spec'd original car.

Pricing in the UK is set to start at £24625 for the 2ltr model, and the V6 will be around £29285+£1400 for DSG.

Let's just hope this new car is a little more driver focused. The old car was never a 'bad' drive but it was quite uninvolving.