Audi TT Microsite Live

Fortitude have pieced together the various images from the microsite ( of the soon to be released Audi TT generation 2 car.

The new car seems to have the new corporate face and design cues, but without changing the overall shape so significantly that you can still see it’s a TT.

The car will almost definitely use the new 2.0fsiT engine, as seen in the Skoda Octavia vRS and the Golf GTI MK5 as it’s base (probably at 200 / 240 bhp), and hopefully use the generation of Quattro found on the new Audi RS4 that everyone seems to like.

There will also probably be the 3.2 V6 from the current car (although probably tweaked for higher output), and will also have the fabulous DSG option available as well.

The other good news is that the prices will almost definitely not rise (or much anyhow) as there is so much competition in the TT’s market space now (Boxter, S2000, Crossfire etc).

There will definitely be a soft top option at some point, and I would expect Audi to jump on the hardtop folding roof craze that everyone is doing at the moment.

Hopefully the drive will be a little more fun than the current car (that is although competent, it is a little boring, it was quick round the track though! So quick but boring).

If this car has inherited any of the RS4’s ability to thrill then it will be a great car! I look forward to driving it.