Sky by Broadband uninstall

I’ve noticed over on AVForums that some people are unsure as to what get’s installed, and more importantly how to remove it.

Well what it installs, the main part of Sky by Broadband is not the part you see, it is actually a P2P service (Kontiki), this is the meat and bones of the SBB application, as this actually does the downloading/uploading parts (just as a side note, the BBC trial uses this P2P application as well). Ports used by this application seem to be 80, 443 and 8080.

The less significant, but more visible part is the Flash based front end of the application that allows you to choose what to download or watch.

The third and final part of the application is actually Windows Media Player 10, this is what is used to actually play the video back again (all downloaded video’s use Microsoft’s DRM for ‘protection’)

Now to remove the application?

First do a standard Windows uninstall of the Sky by Broadband application, this however usually does not remove the Kontiki stuff, for that their is an application supplied by Kontiki to do the job (Download here).

Obviously you could then uninstall the Windows Media Player 10 package from Windows as well, however no real point.

The last thing? Well I have been asked how to ‘Un DRM’ the files downloaded, well it can be done, no security is infallible, however it is certainly not a simple task. If you would like to research this then have a look here.