Lost and Earl

I have watched the latest Lost and my name is Earl (post). Lost is getting better again, the last few episodes were a little weak; this weeks Earl is possibly the weakest of them so far, but it did have a lot to follow after the wedding episode. 

The new series’ over in the UK at the moment are a little weak as well. Rome is truly rubbish, I know now why it went down so weak in the US. Also on at the moment is Threshold, not made my mind up yet on that, some of the acting is week; however it could have a decent story line to drive it. I am still watching season 2 of Stargate Atlantis and season 9 of SG-1 on Sky as well as I did not download them from the USA. 

What I am looking foward too? Well Jack is back in season 5 of ’24’, that starts January 15th, and Battlestar Galactica continues in January as well. There is also Triangle (mini series, on SciFi) which airs in the US on Dec 5th, and also I might take a look at Manticore (also SciFi USA, staring Robert Beltran), and then there is hopefully a new season of Tripping the Rift next year (13 episodes a season is not enough). 

If there are any other TV shows out there tat you think may be worth a visit please let me know.