Where Sony waiting and did they know?

So the question that needs asking now is did Sony know about the iPod Gen5? Sony today released the v2.5 PSP firmware which, to be honest; makes the iPod’s new video ability look a bit out of date!


Sony are saying why download the video after they have been aired when you can watch whatever is on the TV now.

Sony Location Free TV will allow you to watch your TV on the move from your PSP (as long as you have a WiFi link).

So this all sounds pretty impressive? it is, however there are some slight downsides, these are Price : Costs about $300 for the base unit that sits at home, Bandwidth : Requires 300KB/s downstream connection at the PSP end, this however means you will need a similar bandwidth at the home end, in the UK that causes problems as most cable/DSL connections only have 128kb/s upstream connection.

So again, another product that wont quite work in the UK.

If only someone would create something that could hook into my Sky+ and allow me to transcode my unwatched/saved shows onto my mobile device then I would buy it now.

So my recommendation for the moment is to keep hold of the v1.5 firmware on your PSP and pay all the great homebrew out there.