Stand back, there may be a large rabbit dropping!

And that’s just one of the lines from the incredibly funny Wallace & Gromit in the Curse of the Were-Rabbit.

I was planning on doing a full review of the movie, but that would just spoil it to be honest, so I will let you go and enjoy it without me ruining it for you.

I will however say the animation is probably the best Aardman have ever done, without making it look un Wallace & Gromit like. Some of the touches in it are fantastic; ever wanted to see Bullet Time done in plasticine? it’s brilliant!

Peter Sallis plays Wallace with all his usual vigour, however the voice acting this time out is star studded and no-one is a let down. Peter Kay as PC Mackintosh, Ralph Fiennes as the death hungry Victor Quartermaine and Helena Bonham Carter as ‘Totty’ are all great in it as well.

Like all Aardman movies you have to keep an eye on what’s happening around and behind the characters as well, as some of the best gags are not actually to do with the main story.

Nick Park’s homage to some of the classic horror/monster movies is excellent as well, King Kong possibly being my favourite.

I promised not to ruin it for you, and I was just starting t get into doing just that, so I will shut up.

But PLEASE do yourself a favour and find a child to take to see it, heck you don’t even need the excuse with a movie that’s full of comedy genius like this one! Go see it!

[rate 4.5]