iPod 5G?

Over at http://live.ilounge.com/ they have some nice photos of what they believe could be the "One More Thing"


Both Mac Rumors and iLounge are being hammered at the moment. The Apple event doesn’t start for a while yet, but the site’s are all getting crammed with traffic.

If the device comes out and (will probably support video in one form or another) has video support for videoPodCast’s of sorts then that will be ace, and my 40Gb Gen 3 will be going to eBay’s direction. Toshiba have announced that their 80Gb drive is going to be used, so that probably means 30/80Gb choice.

We will see after the press event. For now though try

http://www.ilounge.com or http://www.macrumors.com or http://www.applexnet.com for the latest developments


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