Mounting a Windows Network share as a Local Device in Linux Mint

Just because I’ve had to work it out, I’ve got Picassa all installed in Linux Mint 16 (no mean feat as you probably know). Now I need to be able to get to the Network share that has the pictures on it.

sudo mount -t cifs //<ServerName>/<ShareName> /mnt/<MountName> –verbose -o user=<WindowsUserName>

That obviously mounts the network share to somewhere that Linux can see it (in the above case /mnt/<MountName>), so if we ls /mnt/<MountName> we will get the list of files/folders back.

OK, so lets get it so that Picassa/Wine can get to it easily.

cd ~/.wine/drive_c
ln -s /mnt/<MountName> /<FolderName>

That will create a symbolic link to the mnt folder, (obviously use something Windows can ‘see’ not <FolderName>) and then launch Picassa, tools, monitor folders, and set it to the pictures folder.


PLEX NowTV Client 2.8.2

Here’s the latest version of the PLEX client for the NowTV.

As always it’s based entirely on the hard work of the ROKU Plex Team, so here’s a direct link over to their release information for this 2.8.2 release.

Basically this release brings things more in line with the current releases on other platforms. Now a word of warning, I’ve NOT had chance yet to test this release on the NowTV, so if there are any issues obviously let me know and then roll back to a 2.6.x release. I will have a play later.

Also because the way things work with the NowTV (not being a ‘real’ ROKU and using the official channels) this release might require a PlexPass account to work, as the way that the PLEX team licences the new code has changed slightly (see the post linked above).

Download Plex-NowTV-2.8.2 and install in the usual manner. I will rebuild this shortly, please see comment from Shaun below.
Also RARflix-3.0.7 for testing

PLEX NowTV Client update

Here’s the latest cut of the NowTV PLEX client. I’ve put one together today as a couple of the fixes from recent builds might be useful (oh and it’s my Birthday, so it’s my present to the NowTV using crowd).

Install as usual. Upload the Plex-NowTV-10-12-2013 zip file to the box, and make sure you get the Install OK message.

This is probably the last of the 2.6.9 releases, as the next version should have the new remote control code included.

10Tb of space for free?

Yup you read that right.

Downside? It’s on a Chinese provider, but they say they are bringing their smaller service to USA/Europe… however you can get their Chinese 10Tb service now…

Goto and create an account, don’t bother downloading the app or owt, just get an account (kinda like Chinese version of skype)

Download and install it (it’s virus free, I’ve checked on a few scanners now)

Open up the ZIP I’ve attached then goto C:\Program Files (x86)\Tencent\weiyun\I18N or C:\Program Files\Tencent\weiyun\I18N and unpack overwriting the files (it translates to English)

Log-in etc (use email address or the account number to login

Now download the IOS or Android app from play store/applestore just search f

or Weiyun (it’s in Chinese, but hey), click through the app and login, once logged in just uninstall it if you like.

Goto to upgrade to 10Tb 

Goto for the online storage


Guide to getting PlexConnect Setup as a Windows Service

My original post on the Plex Forums

Here’s a quick guide to making PlexConnect into a Windows Service, uses SRVAny to run it.

Some notes, SRVAny is not officially supported on Windows Vista/7/8 but works just fine for me in various other things I use it for. Also I don’t have an Apple TV, or anything to test the functionality, so I assume you know how to get that running, as I’ve not even looked into that. I just know it start’s and says it’s working. Oh there is also NSSM that can be used instead of SRVAny, upto you, the install is pretty much the same either way (except NSSM has a graphical Service Installer)

Compiling PlexConnect Yes, you could compile it, but that just adds complexity to updating/fixing/debugging. At least this way you are running vanilla code, and you can go back to the developer with issues. However compiling does have other advantages if it compiles correctly there is a whole lot less hassle as you don’t need the Python runtime installed on the box, but that’s not an issue I wouldn’t think.

Requirements :

  • SRVAny – I’ve put it into a ZIP so you don’t need the whole Server2003 ResKit – Download
  • Python 2.7 – On windows I tend to use ActiveState‘s version, just because it’s easier – Download
  • PlexConnect – Just download the ZIP file from the GIT – Download
  • Service Registry File – if you use the same paths etc, this will save you typing it – Download


  1. Install Python, I’ve used C:\Python2.7 as the file location, upto you where it goes, just make sure you replace any path names with wherever you have put yours.
  2. Unzip PlexConnect, it will create a Plexconnect-Package folder, rename it to c:\PlexConnect (again upto you where it goes)
  3. Unzip the SRVAny zip and put the two exe files into the PlexConnect folder.
  4. <Make sure you configure PlexConnect>
  5. Once you are sure that PlexConnect is running just fine (see ScreenShot of mine working) then continue, if it’s not working just running from the shell then make sure you get it going now
  6. OK, so we have a working setup (well mine is bitching about certificates or something, but hey), now we need to install the service, make sure your command prompt is an admin one (right click the cmd link, then select start as admin)
  7. CD to c:\PlexConnect and then run instsrv PlexConnect c:\plexConnect\srvany.exe Make sure that it’s installed correctly (see screenshot)
  8. Next thing fire up Regedit, and navigate to the right section (see Screenshot), add the key, and then the two Data values as highlighted below (Make sure the case is right or if following the guide, then download this reg file and run it).
  9. From the command prompt type services.msc that will launch the service’s manager, wander down to the service and make sure it looks right, and the startup is set to automatic
  10. Click the start button, then OK, and you should now see that the service is running
  11. And as Elan (and South Park) would say…. Profit
  12. Oh if this helped… Click the Like button below Thanks ……

I’ve attached a ZIP here Certificates InstallPlexConnect and here’s the post that goes with them.

OK, had a few minutes to spare, and the VM was running anyhow, so here we have a batch file that ‘should’ do it all.

It downloads the bits it needs (including Python and PlexConnect), put’s them in the right places on disk, and creates the service.

It’s very crude, and simplistic, but works on my VM. Like I’ve said before I’ve not got an AppleTV to do any testing, so I leave that upto the people that do have it.

I suppose I should explain usage… Doh

Unzip to any folder you like, and run the InstallPlexConnect.cmd as an Admin. It will make all the folders etc, it will install it all on C:, so edit the script and reg file if needs be.

Also if you already have Python installed, edit the CMD and take out the download and the install sections out, and edit the reg file to point to the right place for the Python.exe file.

EDIT : Just looked into what needs to get it working, seems there is some cert’s that are required. I’ve uploaded some I made into the file. You need to extract them to the certificates sub folder in c:\PlexConnect to get it all working. They are just generic SelfSSL ones, so can’t see why uploading them would be deemed bad, but if it is, let me know and I’ll delete them.

Plex for NowTV version 2.6.9

I’ve put together the 2.6.9 build for Plex on the NowTV.

Here’s the lowdown on the update (from the Roku form on Plex)

– Update supported H.264 level to 4.1.
– Add clock to home screen.

– Fix a crash when adding servers manually.
– Fix episode title when watched status changes. (thanks ljunkie!)

Install is the same as always, connect to the HTTP://ipAddress for the admin screen, upload the zip and make sure you get the installed OK message.

Plex-nTV-2.6.9 For the Download.
NOTE : A couple of the new features need the latest Plex Server (

Kali Linux, Cinnamon and the Menu

OK, so Kali… Love it

Cinnamon.. My desktop manager of choice

Screenshot from 2013-09-20 19:43:51< both together…. trouble, no Kali menu!

There’s loads of guides on installing Cinnamon on Kali, it’s pretty simple, just a matter of apt-get install cinnamon but none that detailed why the menu’s went missing. I decided it has to be fixed!

Now for fixing the menu, Cinnamon has issues with the /etc/xdg/menus folder layout, has done for ages, and still not been fixed, however a ‘patch’ was put in back in Mint 14, so we can take advantage of that.

From a shell,

cd .config/menus
ln -s cinnamon-applications-merged /etc/xdg/menus/applications-merged

Sorted… We just need a link called cinnamon-applications-merged and point it at the etc/xdg/menus that way all the .menu files are processed.

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